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Camelback Events is an Event Production, Promotions, and Marketing company.  Our mission is to produce fun, unique, and affordable themed events throughout the Valley.  We hope our customers see our events as a fun way to let loose with friends/family, meet new people, and experience new venues.   Our events attract people from all walks of life, from all over the United States, and all ages (21 and up).

While our events vary we mainly focus on bringing themed Bar Crawls, Festivals, and Holiday Events throughout the year.  Some of our more popular events are:  our Scottsdale Shamrock, Halloween, and Country Crawls, our Scottsdale Pickle, Margarita, and Whiskey Fests, and our frequent Mimosa Day Parties.

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Our team of 10 have been bringing events to the Valley since 2017.  Working with over 20 different venues throughout the Valley; we have produced over 100 successful events that have created memories for hundreds of thousands of happy event goers.

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Features & Benefits

At Camelback Events, we aim to make our events as fun as possible. We’re well organized without being to stuffy. A safe environment is provided without sacrificing fun. We look to include everyone from all walks of life.

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